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old world soulfulness
eccentric creativity

powerfully feminine

artistically driven


every day romance


i'm jana.

Step into my world.

I'm wife to Dominic and mama to Rose, that spunky little girl with hair as wild as her personality. 

These two are my life loves.

My support, my inspiration, my whole heart, and the reason I need so much caffeine. They are the wild and spontaneous to my calm and cautious.


Our family also includes two *mostly* loveable fur-babies - Lucy & Sadie; and our feathered friends: the chickens. If you know me, you know I'm forever trying to add to our flock, either the fur or feathered variety.


I wear a lot of hats, but my favourites are wife & mama.

Farm-tographer: a photographer who
thinks she's a farmer.

The last few years have brought me back to me. Changed the way I feel, think and work. I believe in the power of Nature and Mother Earth. You'll find me with all things green, often having soil under my nails. Rocks and crystals are always on me, in my pockets, helping to balance my vibrations. My home is filled with books on natural remedies, essential oil blends, cleansing, herbal magic... I always have a handful open to seemingly random topics that I feel align with me on any given day. 

You might call me a {green} Witch. I promise, I only take it as the highest compliment. 

xo Jana Doucet

art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. for me, art is in moments. 

Families. Kids who get dirty, parents who are chill like that. Moments frozen in the stillness of a photograph. The ones you can look at, and remember. The feeling. The embrace. The smell. The taste. The moment. 

Like the song says, "These are the moments, the moments we live for...". These are also the moments we should document and treat as art. Because they are. 

Let me document your art. Let your home be my studio.

Invite me into your happy place.

Capturing the normalcy of childhood and chaos of everyday life in a way that is joyful, nostalgic, and reflective of real moments.

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